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M.O.I.N.K. Balls

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The Original MOINK Ball

The Original MOINK Ball

The Original MOINK Ball

When it comes to M.O.I.N.K. Balls there is a lot of confusion on the internet. The Original M.O.I.N.K. Balls started on the 

MOINK Ball Ingredients

24 frozen (1 oz size) Italian Beef meatballs, thawed

12 strips thin sliced bacon

Your favorite  Kosmo's Q BBQ Seasoning/Rub



Take you pick from any one of these  favorite BBQ Sauces

Sweet Apple Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Peach Habanero BBQ Sauce

Sweet Smokey BBQ Sauce

Honey BBQ Sauce

Competition BBQ Sauce

Instructions for MOINK Balls

  1. Thaw out the Meatballs
  2. Slice Bacon strips in half
  3. Wrap the Bacon strips around the meatball and pin with a toothpick
  4. Pick up by the Tooth pick and season with one of famous rubs. (I like the Dirty Bird HOT)
  5. Cook the MOINK Balls indirect until bacon starts to crisp up about 30-45 minutes at 275º
  6. When bacon is crisp dunk each MOINK Ball in your favorite Kosmo's Q Sauce (I like the Peach Habanero) and return to the grill until the sauce gets tacky, approximately 10-15 minutes. 
  7. Serve up and get ready to get praised from your guest.

italian meat balls                 bacon   

Grilling MOINK balls

Finished MOINK balls

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