Barbecue Rubs

Our award-winning BBQ rub recipes are unlike any you’ll ever find. Make a masterpiece of pulled pork, ribs, and chicken with our championship beef rub or five-star spicy poultry rub. Whether you're looking for the best BBQ brisket rub or the perfect grill seasoning, there isn't a better selection of award-winning spices than those you'll find right here at Kosmo's Q! With thousands of awards won all over the world, we sell only the best BBQ rubs on the market. Try our deliciously simple pork dry rub seasoning, specialty flavors like our famous Killer Bee honey BBQ rub, or get a combo pack and taste them all!

q1.jpg Peach-Habanero
Glazed Rack of Lamb

q2.jpg Pralin Bacon
Pig Candy

q3.jpg M.o.i.n.k balls

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