How To Make Prime Rib

How To Make Prime Rib

A whole beef prime rib, a.k.a. the KING of all beef cuts you can cook. With this recipe, you can make it at home easily - even if you don't own a smoker, you can follow along in the oven!

You will need

Horseradish Sauce

The Prep

You might have noticed - this baby is HUGE. There’s a lot of great meat in a prime rib, but there’s also a lot that you want to get rid of, so the flavors and smoke can reach deep into it. Cut off any large chunks of fat, and make it as square as you can. Don’t throw the leftovers away! Freeze ‘em to use in sausages later on.

Now, once that’s out of the way, go ahead and truss the prime rib. This isn’t hard. Create a series of tight loops around the meat, to hold it in a nice, round shape. This will allow the inside to cook more evenly throughout, which is essential for a cut this big. Keep in mind, the ends will still cook a little bit more than the middle part.

The prime rib is all trimmed and trussed up. Time to add some flavor! With a little olive oil to act as a binder, season all sides with Cow Cover, then Dirty Bird Hot. If you want to go the extra mile, add an extra layer of Texas Beef just to the top side - this will give you that stupid good bark that we all love! Of course, feel free to experiment with the flavors and spices you like!.

The Cook

Now you got your whole prime rib trimmed up, trussed up, and rubbed up - it’s time to fire up your cooker.

What you want to do for this one, is prepare for cooking over indirect heat at  285ºF (140ºC). You don’t need to do much in the way of maintenance for this cook, other than keeping an eye on the cooking temperature.

After about 1 hour 15 minutes, check back on the prime rib. Once you get a nice bark developing, start tracking the internal temperature. Your target is a 124ºF (51ºC) in the center.

The Payoff

Once you hit 124ºF, your prime rib is almost good to go!

One last step (don’t skip this!) - pull it off the cooker, and lightly tent it in aluminum foil. Let it rest like this for 45 minutes. During this time, the cooking process will stop, and the meat will reabsorb some of its juices, resulting in a tender, more flavorful end product.

Got the prime rib all rested? You’re good to go! Slice it, and serve with a side of horseradish sauce. Gosh, this might just be the best beef we have ever tasted.

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