Peach-Habanero Glazed Rack of Lamb

Peach-Habanero Glazed Rack of Lamb

Wanna try something other than beef or pork? This smoked rack of lamb, glazed with your favorite BBQ sauce, will scratch the itch just right. Crack open a cold one, and sit back while this baby is smoking to perfection...


Suggested side 

  • Wrap bundles of 4-6 (depending on size) asparagus spears with a slice of bacon. Coat each bundle with a light coat of Kosmo's Q Sweet Honey Pecan Rub. Grill direct until the bacon is slightly crisp then serve

The Prep

As with most ribs, there is some minor prep needed before you get to the actual cooking. Remove any packaging the meat came in, and rinse the rack under cold, running water. Then pat the surface dry with paper towels.

Using a trusty butter knife or the handle of a fork, loosen the membrane on the bone side of the rack. You should be able to work the utensil underneath the membrane and loosen it just enough so you can grip it with a paper towel, and pull it off in one piece. 

Finally, coat all sides of the rack evenly with the rub of your choice (we used Texas Beef). Reserve 1 teaspoon of the rub for later. Place the lamb in a gallon-size zip-top bag, seal, and refrigerate for 1-4 hours.

The Cook

When you're ready to cook, remove the rack from the bag, and coat all sides with olive oil. Apply the remaining teaspoon of rub evenly, but only to the meat side of the rack.

Start your grill and prepare for two-zone cooking. This means one side of the cooking area is driectly above the heat source, while the other benefits from radiant (indirect) heat. The indirect zone should be about 300-325ºF (149-162ºC).

Place the rack of lamb on the indirect side of the grill, close the lid, and cook until the internal temperature of the thickest part of the center of the rack reaches 120ºF (49ºC). 

Then move the lamb over to direct heat - sear each side for 2-3 minutes for that extra crust! 

The Payoff

When you're done searing the lamb remove the rack from the grill to a platter. Coat it generously with a BBQ sauce you love (we used Peach Habanero!)

Slice, serve, and enjoy!


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