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Reverse Seared Beef Tenderloin

Reverse Seared Beef Tenderloin

We're going caveman style on this one! By the time you see this reverse seared beef tenderloin, you'll be foaming at the mouth at how good they are... 

You Will Need

The Prep

Now the tenderloin is a spectacular cut of beef. It has great fat content, is very versatile, and if you play your cards right it will be one of the tastiest things you've ever had.

Preparing a tenderloin for smoke is very straightforward. Using a sharp knife, square it off, and remove any silverskin and hard fat on there. There really isn't any wrong way of doing this, but if you want to see what we like to do, scroll down and watch our video.

Once the tenderloin is trimmed up, season with one coat of SPG followed by one coat of Texas Beef. Be generous - it's a large chunk of meat, it can take it.

The Cook

Have your pit running at around 275ºF (135ºC), and place the tenderloin over indirect heat. The target internal temp for this stage is 110ºF (43ºC) - make sure to rotate it a couple of times throughout, to make sure it cooks evenly.

When you hit 110ºF, get the meat off the cooker (careful, it's hot!), and throw it onto the live charcoal in your smoker's fire basket. That's right - we're going caveman style on this one!

This part will go fast. Sear the tenderloin directly on the charcoal for less than a minute per side, or until internal temperature hits 120ºF (49ºC). Then get it out of there as fast as you can!

The Payoff

Finally, tent the reverse seared tenderloin in aluminum foil for just a few minutes, to allow carryover temperature to cook it a little further. Then open up the foil to stop the cooking process.

Your caveman-style reverse seared beef tenderloin is ready to enjoy! Slice and serve with your favorite sides, put it on a sandwich, or anything else you enjoy.

We love to hear from you, so make sure to leave us a comment, try this recipe, and tag us in a photo on social media if you do.

Catch you on the next recipe!


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Susano Archuleta
Susano Archuleta

August 26, 2021

Do you have some samples of your rubs I can try send to 306 Calle Del Norte Bernalillo NM 87004 thanks

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