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Pork Injection

  • World Championship Injections
  • Enough for 6-8 butts
  • Perfect for Butts or Ribs
  • MSG & Gluten Free
  • Enhances Flavor & Moisture
  • Mixes in seconds
  • Made In America
  • No Clumping or Caking
  • Mixes well with Spices
  • Mix with water, broths, fruit juices and more

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Made In America
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Pork Injection

Nothing says "heaven on earth" quite like tender pork ribs and loins, and nothing makes them tender like a premium injection. Using a special home blend of all-natural salts and spices primed for maximum moisture retention, combined with the smoky sweetness of brown sugar and top-quality pork stock, brace yourself for an pulled pork injection that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "fall-off-the-bone." Perfected by a competition pit-master, FOR competition pit-masters, there aren't many other clear-cut ways to secure your throne as Ruler of the Grill. You know your ribs are headed in the right direction when you choose to use Kosmo's Q Pork Injection!


Mix 1/3 cup of product to 1.5 cups liquid (apple juice, peach nectar, distilled water, or whatever liquid you prefer) adjust to personal taste as needed. (Enough for 7 lbs. of pork).


INGREDIENT STATEMENT: Brown Sugar, Pork Stock, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein (Contains Salt), Sodium Phosphate (4.48%), Disodium Inosinate & Disodium Guanylate, Xanthan Gum, Autolyzed Yeast. Contains: Soy. 



Oklahoma Pulled Pork Recipe

What you will need.

1 - 6-8 lb Pork Butt

1 Shaker of Killer Bee

1 Shaker of Dirty Bird HOT

1 Shaker of Sweet Honey Pecan

12 pack beer (not low cal beer)

24" Wide Tin Foil or Butcher Paper

Step 1. Open your 3rd beer

Step 2. Trim all the crappy fat off that bottom of the Pork Butt.  Then apply liberally Sweet Honey Pecan then dirty bird hot, and then a lite coat of Killer Bee.

Step 3. Injected that brisket with the only brisket injection on the market. Kosmo's Q Pork Injection or if you like to Brine then soak that baby for 12 hours in our Pork Brine. Drink another beer.

Step 4. Start smoker and get that sucker running at 275° (or 325° if you have the cojones) with a fuel choice of your liking. I like to use pecan wood. Drink another beer.

Step 5. Load up that Pork Butt on the smoker fat side DOWN, and let it go on the smoker until you get a nice mahogany color not black. Making sure to sprits with Apple Juice to keep the bark moist. Drink another beer.

Step 6. When you get the sucker looking just a purdy as ever pull out some of your tin foil or butcher paper and wrap it up nice and tight. Before I wrap I like to put a handfull of our Sweet Maple Brown Sugar in the bottom of the foil. Drink another beer.

Step 7. Put back on smoker and continue cooking for another hour or two until the internal temp reaches 202° or until the probe goes in and out of the meat like butter. Drink the rest of the beer.

Step 8. Now it's time to give that little sucker a rest for at least 45mins.

Step 9. Now get out the pork pullers and go to town on the pretty little pork butt.

Step 10. Load up a bun with a heaping pile of that beautiful pulled pork and stack on the sweet mustard slaw. (See Recipe Below)

Step 11. Now pour on your favorite Kosmo's Q BBQ Sauce I personally like one with Sweet Apple Chipotle and one with Peach Habanero. But you can't go wrong withHoney BBQ either.



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