Brisket Burnt Ends 101

Brisket Burnt Ends 101

Posted by Kosmos on Nov 20th 2020

These brisket burnt ends are STRAIGHT. BUTTER. No jokes, this recipe was super easy, but the result was phenomenal! This is how you make burnt ends without cooking a whole brisket - thank us after you try it at home. 

What you’ll need

The Pre-Cook

Now hopefully you can find a brisket at your local butcher, or other meat provider. As always, it's best to source your meat locally, but any store-bought brisket will do for this.

Trimming the should be very straightforward: just trim off any fat you don’t need. Hard fat and chunks that won’t have the time to render down have to go, as well as any silverskin still on there. Don’t go too crazy, just do it the way you like it.

Next up, seasoning the brisket. You could go straight salt and pepper, but I opted to add some extra kick. One layer of Dirty Bird Hot rub and one layer of Texas Beef should do the trick - make sure to cover both sides.

Firing up the smoker!

Time to get those coals red-hot. We’re cooking hot and fast on this one, so get your pit’s temperature stabilized somewhere in the 300ºF range. The cook should take about 3-4 hours total.

For the first step of this cook, let the meat soak up the smoke & heat until the color looks just right - you should have a nice lil bark forming as well. This is when you want to wrap the brisket - I wrap in a double layer of aluminum foil - and place it back on the smoker.

Brisket Burnt Ends!

Now, once you have the brisket wrapped up, start monitoring its internal temperature. The target core temp for this cook is 209ºF. When you hit that, pull them off the heat.

Time to make some burnt ends! Grab a meat knife and slice the beef into 1x1 inch cubes (or bigger, if you like that). Place the beefy cubes in a roasting pan, or make a pouch out of aluminum foil to put them in. Add your favorite BBQ sauce(s) - I did a 50/50 mix of Competition BBQ sauce/ sweet smoke sauce. Toss the burnt ends to coat them completely.

The Payoff

lace the burnt ends back on the heat and steam for 30 to 45 minutes. Once you get them off the smoker, they should be pure goodness - tender, succulent beefy cubes that you and everyone else will love!



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