How To Grill Tri-Tip Gordon Ramsay Style

How To Grill Tri-Tip Gordon Ramsay Style

Posted by Kosmo on Jan 4th 2021

 Sure you know how to grill tri tip, but can you do it like Gordon Ramsay? In this recipe an award-winning pitmaster uses an award-winning chef’s tips on how to cook the ultimate beef tri tip on a Weber grill.

What you’ll need

Flame On!

The first thing you want to do for this tri tip recipe is set up your grill. We’re cooking on a Weber, but you should be able to follow this easily no matter what gear you’re using.

Set the grill up for 2 zone cooking. This means the heat source (in our case, charcoal) is concentrated under one side of the cooking area, while the other benefits from radiant heat. One side for searing, one for regular cooking.

Cooking the Tri Tip

While you might think that a tri tip recipe by chef Ramsay will be quite hard to follow, with a lot of ingredients and high-end techniques, this is in fact dead-simple to follow.

While your grill is getting up to temp, you only need to do a few things. First, check if your tri tip needs any trimming - hard fat, membranes, or loose flaps of meat that will burn while cooking.

Ours required none of that, so we moved on to seasoning. Apply a coat of Texas Beef Rub, or any other flavor combo that you enjoy. The important thing is, as always, to cook something that you’ll like.

Finally, before we move to the Weber, place the butter and herbs in the disposable roasting pan. Crack the garlic cloves before adding those for extra flavor.

How To Grill Tri-Tip

At this point, the grill should be up to temp. Place the roasting pan over indirect heat, so the butter can melt and absorb the flavors given off by the herbs.

We’re going for a sear first, so throw the tri tip over direct heat. As soon as the color looks right, flip. When both sides look good, move it over to indirect heat, and place it in the roasting pan.

At this point the butter should be mostly molten. What we want is to keep spooning herb butter over the tri tip for the entire duration of the cook, every 2-3 minutes. Using a thermometer probe we’re checking in on the internal temperature, aiming for a 124ºF.

Once the tri tip hits 124ºF, pull it off the grill, and let it rest for 10-15 minutes at room temperature before eating.

That, ladies and gents, is how to grill Tri Tip like Gordon Ramsay. Enjoy!



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