Sweet And Sticky Baby Back Ribs

Sweet And Sticky Baby Back Ribs

Posted by Kosmo on Jan 17th 2017

    How to make

    • 1 Cut the ribs out of the package and give them a light rinse and pat dry
    • 2 Using a butter knife loosen the membrane on the bone side of the rack. Grip the membrane with a paper towel and pull horizontally to remove it. This step is optional, but recommended
    • 3 Slather up the front and back side of the ribs with yellow mustard
    • 4 Evenly coat all sides of the rack with the rub, reserving 1 teaspoon. Place the lamb in a gallon-size zip-top bag, seal and refrigerate 1-4 hours
    • 5 Remove the rack from the bag, apply the remaining teaspoon of rub evenly to the meat side only
    • 6 Go ahead and start your grill for indirect cooking method (coal to the sides) grill should be temping out at 300º to 325º
    • 7 Get your ribs hung on the rotisserie, I use butcher twine to ties them to the bar
    • 8 Cook the ribs until the internal temp reaches 198º
    • 9 Once ribs reach this temp mix both sauce up in a bowl and set aside 1/4 cup for later
    • 10 Start slavering up the ribs on the cooker getting a thick and sticky coat on the meat side. (will prob take 3-4 coats spaced out 10 minutes apart from each other)
    • 11 Remove the rack from the cooker and slice up from the front side
    • 12 Use the remaining sauce for dousing up the rest of the ribs

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