Texas Style Beef Ribs

Texas Style Beef Ribs

Posted by Kosmo on Nov 6th 2020

These beef ribs are huge - only way to do them justice is cooking them Texas style, on the stick burner with our favorite BBQ rubs. Watch that fat melt into straight up beef butter, that’s how it’s done in the South!

What you’ll need

The Setup

Right off the bat, fire up the pit! For this cook we need to be in the 280ºF range - cook a bit slower, to give the fat some time to render down.

While the pit is coming up to temp, there’s more than enough time to prepare the beef ribs. Get them out of any packaging they came in, pat dry with a paper towel, and season away! I did two coats, with a different rub combination on each rack. On the first it was SPG and Texas Beef, while on the other I did Cow Cover Hot and Texas Beef. Let the meat sweat through the rub for about 10 minutes.

The Cook

Let’s put those big boys on the smoker! Bone side down of course. The goal is to get a nice, rich color on tose racks, then wrap ‘em and cook to tenderness.

After the first hour of cooking, it’s a good idea to rotate (not flip!) the beef ribs, so the other side is looking towards the heat source. This way the meat will cook and color more evenly, and a bit faster.

At around 2 to 2.5 hours into the cook, the color and bark on those ribs should be perfect. It’s tome to wrap! I used butchers paper for this one, but you can also use aluminum foil. Then put the ribs back on the heat.

Wrapping ensures the inside will keep cooking without drying out and will protect the bark from burning - this is how you end up with a crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside hunk of meat.

Cook for about another 2-3 hours. At some point during this time, it’s a good idea to start monitoring internal temperature in the thickest, meatiest part of the rack. When you see them hit 210ºF.

The Payoff

After hitting 210ºF those beef ribs are done. Pull them from the heat and open up the butchers paper or foil slightly so steam can escape. Let it rest like this for 30 minutes to stop the cooking process.

Finally, time to eat some beef ribs! Separate the individual ribs and dive right in.




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