BBQ Shotgun Shells Recipe

BBQ Shotgun Shells Recipe

Wanna cook to impress, then look no further than these crispy, cheesy smoked shotgun shells that you can have ready within half an hour. One of, if not the best use for leftover pulled pork or other meat!

Thanks to Matt Ramsey (@cookerofdeliciousness) for sharing this recipe with our community!

You Will Need

The Prep

    The base (or well, the "shell") of our tasty lil' snacks are Manicotti shells. Fun fact, the literal translation of manicotti from Italian is "little sleeves". So, let's prepare all manners of goodness to fill them with!

    First up, grab a large mixing bowl. We're going to grate the 8oz of extra sharp cheddar cheese, add it to the bowl, and mix it with 8oz of room softened cream cheese. 

    Next, let's prep the meat. You can do this with leftover pulled pork, but you can add any meat you enjoy to this. Season with the Garlic Jalapeno rub, and mix with the cheese mix until combined.

    The Cook

    As our grill/smoker is heating up to 325ºF (163ºC), go ahead and fill the manicotti shells with the cheese & meat mix. You want to fill them to the brink, making sure to leave no air pocket inside the shells.

    Wrap the filled shells with a slice of thin cut bacon each. Why not thick cut bacon you ask? We want the shotgun shells to cook fast, so we can get to the good part!

    Finally, place the bacon wrapped shotgun shells on the cooker. Let them cook for one hour, checking now and then and rotating when necessary. 

    The Payoff

    Once the timer you set to one hour goes off, give the shells a hit of Peach Habanero BBQ sauce (or any sweet & savory sauce you enjoy!) and place them back on the cooker. Let the sauce caramelize for approximately 10 more minutes, then bring them inside and start the feast!

    Thank you again Matt Ramsey for sharing this recipe with the community - these turned out stupid good! Can't wait to see what everyone else does with them.

    Catch you on the next recipe!


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