Ingredient & Diet-Related Questions

To see a complete list of what goes into our products, head over to www.kosmosq.com​ and click each product picture. On the page, you will see an image that lists the ingredients and percentage of each.

Yes! Our products are gluten free, but they are not certified gluten free. They are made in a facility that does have gluten and there is no guarantee that they have not come in contact with gluten. If you have a serious allergy to gluten or have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, we recommend not using the products.

No. Our products do not adhere to the dietary framework.

Yes! However, our products are packaged in a warehouse that may also manufacturer and/or package goods that contain peanuts.

The following products contain milk: Buffalo Wing Dust, Buffalo Hot Wing Dust, Garlic Parm Wing Dust, Kickin’ Cajun Wing Dust, Nashville Hot Wing Dust, and Sweet Honey Pecan Rub.

Recipe-Related Questions

This depends on how much flavor you like to add to your wings, but on average, one 5oz bag will cover 12-15 pounds of wings.

1) 1 cup of Turkey Brine to 1 gallon of water, blend well

2) Place turkey in a brine bag breast side down and cover turkey completely with brine mixture

3) Place in refrigerator covered for 1 hour per pound

4) Remove from brine, rinse and air dry in the refrigerator (covered) for
4-6 hours

5) Rub with Kosmo’s Q rubs and cook

Head over to our blog: ​https://kosmosq.com/blogs/recipes

Each product page also has suggested recipes that feature the product.

Purchasing-Related Questions

Yes! On the cart page, you'll see a button with the GovX ID logo. Click there, enter your information, and after the verification process is complete, you'll be emailed a coupon code. Thank you for your service!

Yes! We ship worldwide.

Absolutely! This will be delivered in an e-gift card to the email address you provide.

Head over to ​https://kosmosq.com/store-locator/​ and enter your current location.

You can reach our in-store team at (405) 212-2701. Please note, our current store hours are:

Tuesday - Friday: 10am to 5:30pm CST
Saturday: 9am to 3pm CST
Sunday & Monday: closed

For apparel, visit: ​https://www.teamkosmo.com/

For BBQ accessories, visit: ​https://kosmosq.com//collections/bbq-accessories

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