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Chicken & Noodles | Home Recipe

An old chicken & noodles family recipe that has become a tradition. We are so thrilled to share it with you and we hope it becomes a staple of your holiday Dinner too!

Stranded at the In-Laws Margarita

Make your in-laws happy with this cocktail recipe... Or make a day with them a lot more bearable! 

Smoked Chicken and Dumplings

Cornbread Dressing Recipe

This cornbread dressing recipe has been cooked at family holiday get togethers for years. It’s a pretty classic recipe with a little Kosmos twist, and we think you are going to love.

Holiday Turkey | Brined Turkey Recipe

The holiday turkey recipe to end all turkey recipes - they will be asking about your secret for the rest of the year! 

Smoked French Onion Soup - SMOKEBROBBQ

On a cool fall day treat yourself to a savory soup with all that smoky grilled flavor we love. As you eat the soup every bite gets tastier as all the flavours meld together!

Turbo Charged Brisket!

For when you don't have 8 hours to spare - this TURBO CHARGED brisket will be over before you can say "hot and fast". 

Sweet Honey Pecan Wings

If you love smoked chicken wings with a sweet, crunchy curst, we've got you covered! 

Testing The Matty Matheson Minute Steak!

If there was ever an easy steak recipe... This would be it! You can cook this steak on just a cast iron skillet and be ready to serve within minutes (hence the name). Obviously inspired by our muse, Mathy Matheson, and his minute steak recipe.

Barbecue Surf And Turf | Shrimp & Steak

This Surf & Turf recipe is the ultimate "get out of the dog house" guarantee. Let's cook up some shrimp and steak that will make your neighbors jealous!

Ghost Pepper St. Louis Ribs

Smoked pork ribs with Ghost Pepper are a crowd favorite around here. We compiled all of our secrets into this recipe, so you can make them at home too!

Grilled & Glazed Salmon

A smoked salmon recipe with just the right amount of sweet and spicy to make you ask for seconds...

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