Caveman Steak | Reverse Seared Porterhouse

Caveman Steak | Reverse Seared Porterhouse

It's not every day that you get to reverse sear steak on hot coal and fire - but oh boy, when that day comes... It's gonna be a feast.

You will need

The Prep

Depending on where you source your meat, you might have to do some minimal trimming on the steak - bringing the fat cap down to a thickness you like. Generally speaking, a porterhouse steak will be ready to cook right out of the packaging.

So, you can go right ahead and season the steak! One great combo we heard you guys like is Cow Cover Hot, followed by SPG - so we're doing that! Someone suggested doing a light grind on the SPG, this might help release more of the garlic flavor we all love.

Give the steak one light coat of Cow Cover Hot on both sides, followed by a coat of SPG. If you do this on a surface like a pan or a cutting board, you can easily rotate the steak around its edges, so all the excess rub sticks to them.

The Cook

Once the porterhouse steak is seasoned, you can jump right to cooking! Have your pit set up for indirect cooking between 275-290ºF (135-143ºC).

You're essentially doing a reverse sear on the steak. Place it over indirect heat first, and smoke it to an internal temperature of 90ºF (32ºC). 

Once it hits that mark, it's gonna go fast: move the steak, and throw it right on top of the charcoal in the fire basket. Use a thermometer probe for this part - you really don't want burned food!

It should take about 30 seconds per side to jump up to 127ºF (53ºC) internal - for a rare/medium rare steak that is. Adjust the time and keep an eye on your thermometer to nail the doneness that you prefer.

The Payoff

That's it! Pull the steak off the charcoal, and resti it for 5-10 minutes. Then carve it up, plate, and enjoy the mouth-watering crust and perfectly cooked inside of your very own caveman steak!

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