Grilled Peach Recipe

Grilled Peach Recipe

Juicy, sweet peaches with a hint of smoke - it's the perfect summer treat, side dish or dessert that you can easily make on the pit. Many thanks to David Seawright at Costco Grill Dad for this instant favorite!

You Will Need

The Prep

To prep, simply wash the peaches and halve them, removing the pits. Careful, because the riper the peach, the easier it is to rip or squish it - you want these to look as good as they taste.

This recipe is best done alongside a longer cook - maybe you're grilling ribs, or a couple of steaks on the ol' Q. Perfect time for grilled peaches! You will need a pit set up for two-zone cooking, running at medium-high heat.

The Cook

Carefully place the peaches face down over direct heat. Let them sit here for 2-3 minutes, or until they are slightly browned. If you leave them on for too long, they might soften and fall through the grates.

When ready, flip them over and move to indirect heat. It is at this point that you want to pour some Maple Bourbon Rib Glaze on top of each one - don't be stingy either!

Close the lid, and let the heat do its magic for about 8-10 minutes, until the peaches are soft. 

The Payoff

Now for the best part: pull the grilled peaches off the heat, and let them rest just long enough for you to grab a plate and a fork. Serve with a hefty scoop of vanilla ice cream! 

Once again, thank you to David Seawright for this delicious treat of a recipe! Let us know how you enjoyed it, either on our social media communities or in the comments below.

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