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Pimento Cheese Sandwich Or Egg Salad Sandwich: Which One Is Better?

Just in time for The Masters, we’re answering the age-old question - pimento cheese sandwich or egg salad sandwich: which one is better? The Masters Tournament is packed with traditions, especially when it comes to food. So we set out to recreate the iconic pimento cheese sandwich and egg salad sandwich recipes to settle the debate once and for all. No matter which one you think is the winner, these easy recipes are sure to be a hit at your Masters Tournament party.
INSANE Beer Cheese Loaded Baked Potatoes With Pulled Pork & Homemade Raising Cane's Sauce

On today’s video, we’re cooking up INSANE beer cheese-loaded baked potatoes with pulled pork and homemade Raising Cane’s sauce! That’s right, just in time for National Beer Day, we’re making a batch of our viral beer cheese recipe for these loaded baked potatoes that are going to blow your mind. And when we say these bad boys are loaded, we mean LOADED. While the potatoes smoke, we’re thawing out some leftover pulled pork, making beer cheese, and mixing up our version of Raising Cane’s sauce to really take these baked potatoes over the top. For the perfect finishing touch, we’re adding a drizzle of our competition bbq sauce because everyone knows that no meal is complete without it. Enough talkin’, let’s get to cookin’!
This Secret Ingredient Will Change The Way You Eat Philly Cheesesteaks Forever!

Buckle up, this secret ingredient will change the way you eat Philly cheesesteaks FOREVER! Everyone knows the best Philly cheesesteaks do not have peppers, but they do have Cheez Wiz and one secret ingredient - good mayonnaise. The mayo we’re using is the perfect secret ingredient to take your cheesesteak to the next level. People will be arguing about who makes the most authentic Philly cheesesteak for the rest of time, but this recipe is definitely a game changer.

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