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SUPER SAVER Championship Box

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Start off your next competition with one of the most awarded combinations of products on the market. In this package, you will receive 1- mixer, 1- 20cc syringe and needle, 1-lb Reserve Blend Brisket Injection, 1-lb Pork injection, 1-lb Pork Soak - Brine, and 1-lb Chicken Soak - Brine. Cook like the pros with this powerful combination!

World Champion Reserve Blend Brisket Injection

Kosmos Q Reserve Blend brisket injection is simply put, the best competition brisket injection on the market. Our Reserve Blend has all the fine ingredients of Kosmos Brisket Injection, but with some of the extras of a specialty blend. This Injection has a rich natural beef flavor and will make your brisket explode with flavor and moisture and is quickly becoming the most winning competition bbq injection on the market. With all the benefits of its predecessor make your next brisket the perfect brisket!

World Champion Pork Injection

Our Pork Injection has won countless awards across the nation. This Competition Pork Injection provides an enjoyable balance of natural pork flavor with all the moisture that you could ask for. This truly is the best Pork Injection on the market, which mixes with any liquid from water to fruit juice.

World Champion Chicken Soak Brine

Our Chicken Soak will change everything you thought you knew about Chicken. Add moisture and flavor to any cut of poultry! With our easy-to-use instructions, you will get extraordinary results with any poultry. This is a Chicken Brine that mixes in seconds that will not fail you.

World Champion Pork Soak Brine

Our Pork Soak - Competition Pork Brine - will make the difference in your Pork Products! Add Moisture and Flavor to any cut of pork, with our easy-to-use instructions you will get extraordinary results. With one try you'll be hooked! Great for Competition and home use. This is a Pork Brine that mixes in seconds that will not fail you.

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