4 Hour Hot and Fast Brisket

4 Hour Hot and Fast Brisket

A hot and fast brisket for those weekdays when you don’t have 10 hours go low & slow - well with this recipe you don’t need to! Fire up the Oklahoma Joe and follow along, for some KILLER brisket and burnt ends.

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How To Trim a Brisket

A beef brisket is a lot of meat. It’s essentially two different cuts of beef in one - the point and the flat, and there’s some great flavor in both of them. That’s why it’s important to know how to trim a brisket properly.

First, let’s trim down that fat. Remember there are also two kinds of fat on any cut of meat. One will render down and add flavor to the entire cut. The other is hard fat, won’t render down, and will stop that delicious smoke from penetrating the beef as it should.

Make sure the fat isn’t excessively thick, especially on the fat side. Another spot you should watch out for is on the meat side, right where the point and flat meet. There’s a nasty chunk of fat there that you should take care of if your meat provider has not done so already.

Finally, trim off any loose flaps of meat and fat. These would just burn if left on, and you don’t want your food to taste burnt.


Next up, the rub. This is where we add our own personal touch to the brisket, on top of its already awesome beefy flavor. Choose your rubs wisely! For this hot and fast brisket, I went with Cow Cover Hot and SPG - one heavy coat of each, making sure to pat the spices down so they stick. The brisket is a huge chunk of meat, so it can take a lil' bit extra.

Don’t forget to season the brisket on all sides, nooks, and crannies, to get that flavor everywhere!

Hot and Fast

Now in the meantime, have your smoker fired up and coming up to temp. We wanna cook this brisket in the 300ºF (149ºC) range. Told ya it’s gonna be a hot and fast brisket- blink and you’ll miss it!

Once both the smoker and brisket are ready, we can get cooking. Let it cook for about an hour with the fat side facing down, before flipping it over to get some color on the other side. What you’re looking for is that rich red color that will tell you it’s time to wrap.

Wrapping Up

Time to wrap the brisket! Lay down 2 sheets of aluminum foil and wrap the brisket in it tightly. Add some of the mopping liquid inside the foil. The mop I use consists of 2 cans of Beef Consommé and half a bottle of competition Brisket Mop (link in the ingredients above), but you can use whatever you like. Make sure the foil doesn’t tear anywhere.

Place the wrapped brisket back on the smoker, and start monitoring its internal temperature. The target is 210ºF (99ºC). Then go by feel - test with a toothpick or probe to see if the brisket is at your desired tenderness. Pull it from the heat and rest until it stops steaming.

Time To Eat!

The brisket is done! All that’s left is to slice and eat.

I like to separate the point from the flat (simply follow the fat seam between them with a knife, super simple), and slice the point into burnt ends. You can also save the juices from the wrapped brisket to use as a dip.

Enjoy your hot and fast brisket, cheers!



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