How to Smoke Pulled Pork on a Pellet Grill

How to Smoke Pulled Pork on a Pellet Grill

Smoking a pork butt on a pellet grill is a rite of passage, and will elevate your barbecue game to a whole new level. We're talking about a perfectly seasoned, juicy pulled pork that practically falls apart.

You Will Need

The Prep

Before we dive in, let's ensure our pork butt is prepped to perfection. Start by giving it a once-over, trimming away any excess fat. This step helps ensure that the rubs penetrate deep into the meat, infusing every bite with flavor.

Next up, fire up the pellet grill and let it come up to temp. 

While that's getting situated, slather a thin coat of mustard all over the pork butt. This not only acts as a flavor enhancer but also helps the rubs stick and form a crust.

Speaking of rubs, give the pork butt a base coat of Sweet Honey Pecan, and follow up with a layer of Killer Bee Chipotle for that smoky, spicy kick. Let the meat sit for a few minutes after applying the rubs.

The Cook

With the pork butt seasoned, it's time to place it on the pellet grill. Close the lid, and let the smoke work its magic for about 3 hours. Keep an eye on the color - you're looking for a rich, mahogany hue.

At the three-hour mark or when the color is right, carefully pull the pork butt off the heat. Lay down a large sheet of foil and fold the edges a little, so it can hold liquid. Add a layer of Killer Bee Chipotle and Sweet Honey Pecan rubs, followed by 8 oz of water - this will create a steamy environment, ensuring the pork stays juicy and tender. Gently place the pork butt on top, and hit it with one final layer of rubs, then wrap it up tight.

The Payoff

Place the pork butt back on the cooker, and keep a close eye on the internal temperature. You're aiming for 206°F (97ºC). Once it reaches that, pull the pork  butt off the heat, and let it rest for about 30 minutes.

Now comes the moment of truth - pulling the pork! Using either meat claws or forks (but not your bare hands, unless you wanna burn them!) gently tear into the succulent meat.

Finally, grab those brioche buns, pile them high with smoky, pulled pork goodness, and take that first, glorious bite. Glorious.

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