"PBLT" Pork Belly, Lettuce, Tomato skewers

"PBLT" Pork Belly, Lettuce, Tomato skewers

These pork belly, lettuce, and tomato skewers are a summer favorite but you can enjoy them year-round - a quick, fun recipe sent in by Mark Ashby (@grillmarkco). 

You Will Need

The Prep

As you might have guessed (from this being a skewered pork recipe) this one's going to be quick. All prep work can easily be done while your smoker is heating up to 275ºF (135ºC) - so, fire up your cooker, and let's get going!

So, for skewered pork, you want to turn that pork belly into meaty cubes. The way we like to do it is by first cutting the pork belly into 1 to 2 inch strips, then cutting the other direction to make 1-2 inch burnt ends. Keep in mind, these will shrink during cooking, so make them larger than you want the end product to be.

Now, place these burnt ends onto a wire rack. Season with Dirty Bird Hot and Killer Bee Honey, making sure to coat all sides evenly. Then let them rest at room temperature for 10 minutes. This will give the meat time to sweat through the rub, absorbing the flavors.

The Cook

Once your smoker is holding its temp in the 275ºF (135ºC) range, move the wire rack on. Close the lid, and let the smoke do its magic. At the 1 hour mark, flip the pork cubes to allow for even cooking. Allow another 30-45 minutes, checking for doneness. 

Next step, saucing up the burnt ends. Remove the cubes from the wire rack and transfer into a pan. Add the Apple Chipotle BBQ Sauce and hot honey. Mix and toss to coat them evenly. Then cover the pan with foil, leaving one corner open for smoke.

Put the burnt ends back on the smoker for another 30-45 minutes. This will give the glaze plenty of time to set.

The Payoff

When the burnt ends are ready, remove from the smoker. Rest for a few minutes, until they are safe to handle. Then place one burnt end on a skewer, add a cherry tomato behind it, followed by a folded, sliced piece of romaine lettuce. Repeat until the skewer is full.

And that's it! Plate it, serve, and see all the smiling faces. Make sure you have enough for seconds (and thirds!)

Once again, thanks to Mark Ashby (@grillmarkco) for sharing this recipe with the community! We're looking forward to seeing your versions and feedback.

Catch you on the next one!


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