Smoked Chicken Alfredo

Smoked Chicken Alfredo

The way the smoked chicken, seasonings, Alfredo and everything else comes together gives such a unique chicken Alfredo experience! If you've ever wanted to make smoked chicken Alfredo on the pit, this recipe will set you on your way towards the most delicious meal ever.

An awesome recipe submission by Timothy Martin (@smell_that_smoke_bbq_mke) - thank you Tim!

You Will Need

  • Family package of Chicken Breast
  • Kosmos Q Beer Can Chicken rub
  • Kosmos Q Dirty Bird rub
  • 4 jars any brand Alfredo sauce
  • 2 tbsp minced garlic
  • 16 oz spinach
  • 1 tub Cherry tomatoes (quartered)
  • Salt & pepper
  • Noodles

The Prep

First up, adjust your portions - this recipe is meant for a family of 8, so you might have to scale down (or up!) accordingly.

Once that's been taken care of, season the chicken breasts. Use both Beer Can Chicken and Dirty Bird rubs to taste. Such a great combination of flavors! Let the chicken breasts sweat through the rub for about 15 minutes, while you set up the smoker.

The Cook

Cook the chicken over indirect heat at 300ºF (149ºC). You are looking for an internal temperature of 165ºF (74ºC) in the thickest part of each breast. This should take about 1 hour. When done, let the chicken cool down and dice it up.

Next, add a little butter and the garlic to a pan. Place it on your grill or smoker and let it saute until the garlic becomes golden and fragrant. Add the spinach to the pan and cook it down. Then add the diced Cherry tomatoes.

The Payoff

Now grab a sauce pot big enough to combine all ingredients. Add the diced chicken, and put it back on your smoker or grill. Add Alfredo sauce, then the spinach and tomatoes. Let all that cook together a bit and serve over noodles.  

Once again, Timothy Martin blew it out of the water with this one! Feel free to reach out with any questions at @smell_that_smoke_bbq_mke.

Catch you on the next recipe! 


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