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Stuffed Brats Recipe

Stuffed Brats Recipe

Bacon wrapped, cheesy, with a hint of heat - this stuffed brats recipe got us all at the edge of our seats till they come off the cooker... 

When we sent out the Mystery Boxes, we asked our people to send us recipes using their new Best Rubs. This submission was from Nick Snodgrass.

You Will Need

The Prep

An easy recipe for an easy home run for you and your family/friends! Grab the brats, get them out of the package, and make a cut in each. Stuff with pepperjack cheese to taste (we think: the more, the better).

Next, give it a coat with mustard, which will mainly act as a binder. Season with The Best Garlic Jalapeno rub, and wrap with a thin slice of bacon.

Season the outside with as much Ghost Pepper Wing Dust as you can take - there's no wrong answer here, you know what works for you.

The Cook

Once the brats are stuffed, wrapped and rubbed, just throw them on the cooker! These are great for when you're waiting for a longer cook - just make some space alongside them on your grill/smoker, and watch them sizzle.

Now depending on the temperature you're cooking at, and whether it's on direct or indirect heat, you might want to rotate a few times to cook evenly. You'll know they are ready when the bacon is crisping up and the cheese starts oozing out of it.

The Payoff

Let the brats rest for 5 minutes off the cooker. Then hit with a light coat of Peach Habanero  BBQ Sauce, and put them back on for 10 minutes. This will allow the glaze to set.

And that's it! Take the stuffed brats off the cooker again, and enjoy your hard work!

Once more, all credit for this recipe goes to Nick Snodgrass. We enjoyed it a lot, and we're certain the community will too. Thank you Nick!

If you cook this, and want to send us a photo, we'll love to hear from you on any of our social media platforms.

Catch you on the next recipe!


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