Texas BBQ Tips & Tricks for the New Year

Texas BBQ Tips & Tricks for the New Year

Howdy barbecue enthusiasts! As we gear up for a smokin' new year, let's kick things off with some tips from the man himself, Kosmo. These are bound to improve not only your cooks, but also your overall enjoyment of the process! Let's get started.

Tip #1: Use a Proper Thermometer

Cheap thermometers can lead you astray, with their erratic readings bouncing all over the place.  Say goodbye to the guessing game and invest in a reliable thermometer. 

A quality thermometer (like the Thermapen from Thermoworks or a similar quality brand) will be your trusty sidekick, providing accurate temperature readings and making your barbecue journey a whole lot smoother. Bid farewell to undercooked or overdone meats, and welcome precision to your pit.

Tip #2: Knit Gloves

Picture this – you're in the midst of a barbecue marathon, and your meat is sizzling hot. How do you handle it without burning your fingers?

Enter knit gloves, the unsung heroes of barbecue mastery. Slip these babies under your regular neoprene gloves, creating a heat shield that lets you momentarily handle your meat with ease. They cost as little as a dollar on places like Amazon, and you'll wonder how you ever BBQ'd without them.

Tip #3: Foil Pans & Steam Table Pan Liners

Injecting or seasoning a massive hunk of meat can get messy, but fear not! Grab some cheap steam table pan liners before you embark on your flavor-packed journey.

These liners not only save you money on pans, but can also be used as a quick alternative to tenting your cooks with aluminum foil after the cook. Simply place your meat in a steam table pan liner and tuck it in. The trapped moisture rejuvenates those crispy ends, turning them juicy.

Tip #4: Double Stack the Foil Pans

We've all faced the dreaded collapse of a foil pan loaded with a hefty piece of meat. Foil pans can be flimsy, and the last thing you want is to wait 8 hous for your smoked brisket only for it to end up on the floor. 

The solution is simple. Double stack those foil pans! This easy trick adds sturdiness to your setup, ensuring that your barbecue creation remains intact and ready to be showcased without any unexpected accidents.

Tip #5: Foil Pan Grease Trap

Cleaning up after a barbecue session can be a daunting task, especially for stick burners and pellet grills. But you that you could skip 99% of the hassle with this simple trick!

Remove your grates, line the bottom of your cooker with large foil pans, ensuring the edges overlap to catch every drop. Ta-da! You've just created a DIY grease trap, saving you time and effort in the post-barbecue cleanup routine.


So what do you think? Are you already using any of these methods? Are you going to try them now? Let us know. Here's to a flavorful and fuss-free year of BBQ adventures! Happy grilling, y'all!


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