The BACONATOR Smash Burger Recipe!

The BACONATOR Smash Burger Recipe!

If you've had a Baconator burger then you know EXACTLY why we had to make our version of it. Buckle up, get your grill on, because this tastes exactly as good as it looks!

You Will need

The Prep

What Prep? It's a burger, you don't need to prep anything!

But seriously, this one is so easy and quick. The only thing you're going to need is a flat top attachment for your pit, or one of those stand-alone flat top cookers. Divide the ground beef into portions, and you're ready to get cooking.

The Cook

Once you get your flat top up and running, spread some veggie oil or butter on it. You're gonna want to fry the bacon on it first: the bacon fat that will be released on your cooking surface will flavor everything that comes after.

Once the bacon is crispy, take it off the heat, and throw on those patties. Using a sturdy spatula, smash those suckers to a thickness of about 1/4 inch (0.7 cm). Season with SPG or any other spices you like, and let them sizzle until you see the dark brown color crawling up the side.

While the meat is cooking, give the buns a quick toast too. A few seconds per bun should be enough, depending on how crispy you like your bread.

When the patties are ready, flip, then place one or two slices of cheddar cheese on each one. Carefully put a large enough metal bowl on top, to get that cheese melting over the patties. Make sure to take necessary precautions to avoid burns when removing it afterwards (use a towel or oven mitts).

The Payoff

All of the pieces are now in place, it's time to assemble the baddest burger you've ever made. Spread mustard on the bottom bun, and add pickles, lettuce,  tomato and onion slices to taste. Then stack one of the cheesy patties on top of all that. To finish it all off, add as much bacon as your heart can handle, and seal the deal with a drizzle of Sweet Apple Chipotle (or your favorite sweet BBQ sauce).

Now if this isn't a burger made for a king, then I don't know what is! Let us know if you try this recipe, by leaving a comment or by tagging us in a photo on social media.

Catch you on the next recipe!


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