The Hanger Steak

The Hanger Steak

Otherwise known as The Butcher Steak the Hanger Steak will flat out surprise you! We cooked these little beauties and couldn't believe how tender they were - if you've got a good butcher, get a conversation going about these, you won't regret it!

You Will Need:

The Prep

In this guide, we're cooking our hanger steak two different ways: we're going to hit half with SPG, and the other half with Cow Cover Hot.

Here's how we did it. First of all, we grabbed a couple of disposable roasting pans - don't wanna make a mess, unless it's while you're eating! We put the hanger steaks inside, then oiled them up with olive oil. 

Pro tip: while it's true that olive oil has a lower burning temperature than other veggie oils (like peanut or avocado oil), in this case, this works in our favor, since we are aiming for a nice crust on the outside. If this was a longer cook, we would have gone for a different option.

Next up, the rub. As mentioned above, we kept it simple and used one rub on each steak. A nice, even cover of SPG or Cow Cover Hot all around the steak will do the trick. We'll let them sit at room temperature for a few minutes so the meat can sweat through the rub, and once the grill is hot, it's game time.

Cast Iron Grilled Hanger Steak 

For this cook, we busted out the Ranger, with the cast iron grill grates installed. We ran this one on charcoal and got the grill sizzling hot. 

The goal is a light char on the outside since these steaks will cook very fast - about 3 minutes per side. After the first 6 minutes, keep your kitchen thermometer close, because we're going to be checking the core temp quite a bit. We're looking for 135ºF at most and had to flip some of the hanger steaks one last time before getting there.

Finishing Touches

The hanger steaks are all done cooking - time to pull them off the heat. We put them in a clean disposable foil pan first, closed it up, and let them rest for 15 minutes.

Once the wait is over, it's time to slice and serve. We tried both the SPG and Cow Cover Hot seasoned steaks, and man, they tasted good! Meat was so tender, it was almost begging to be pulled apart, and the spices highlighted all the beefy goodness of this incredible cut.

Next time you try grilling hanger steak, let us know how you did it!


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