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The Perfect Steak Sandwich For Men

The Perfect Steak Sandwich For Men

This is no ordinary steak sandwich recipe. This is a rite of passage to manhood! This is how I make beef steak MAGIC - grab a cold one and come eat!

What you’ll need


Seasoning the steak

Half the art of cooking a great steak is picking the right seasoning. Some will swear by salt and pepper only, and if that’s you, great! But for this steak sandwich recipe, I wanted to do something extra.

Give the bone-in ribeye steak a base coat of Cow Cover Hot. Pat it down so the rub sticks to the meat, then give it a second coating with Texas Beef. Flip and repeat, and don’t forget the sides!

Let’s get cooking!

Let’s get this steak sandwich on the road! Fire up your grill, setting it up for two zone cooking. This means the heat source is underneath one side of the grates, making it sizzling hot, while the other side benefits from radiant heat. The indirect side is for cooking a bit slower, while the direct heat side is where we’ll sear our ribeye.

While that’s heating up, chop & slice the jalapenos, mushrooms, and white onion. Don’t slice too thin, otherwise, there won’t be anything left after cooking!

Place the veggies in a cast iron skillet over indirect heat with some butter. Season with a touch of Cow Cover Hot. Keep everything moving so they don’t overcook, until the onion becomes translucent.

Throw the steak over indirect heat, and cook to an internal temperature of 100ºF. Then move it over to direct heat, and sear both sides (hit it with some melted butter if you like). The target core temperature is 127ºF.

Steak sandwich recipe assembly

Once the steak hits 127ºF, pull it from the grill, wrap it in some foil, and rest for 10 minutes. In the meantime, give the Texas toast slices a quick toast, with butter on both sides. Careful, those will go fast! Mine were ready in no more than 10 seconds for each side.

Unwrap the steak and slice it however thick or thin you like it. Spread some horseradish sauce on the bottom slice of bread, and place some green stuff on there. Can’t say we haven’t had our salad now!.

Stack as much sliced ribeye steak as you can (or want) on there, followed by the veggie mix, and finish off with some dijon mustard on the top slice.

Catch you on the next recipe!


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