Smoked Pork Butt Recipe

Smoked Pork Butt Recipe

Anyone who tries this pulled pork sandwich will go nuts over it - here’s how to make it in your backyard, and have friends and family asking for more!

What you’ll need

BBQ rubs & Sauces:


Coleslaw (ingredients in weight):

  • Cabbage: 292 grams
  • Mustard: 120 grams
  • Sugar: 178 grams
  • White Vinegar: 22 grams
  • Salt & Pepper: to taste

Setting up the cooker

Step one: preparing the cooker. Make sure the fire chamber and grates are clean, then load it with charcoal and light ‘em up. For this recipe, I cooked the pork butt in the 285º-300ºF (140-149ºC) range. While the temperature rises inside the cooker, you have some time to prepare the actual butt.

Trimming the Butt

While this is not a competition pulled pork sandwich, you still want to give your family and guests the absolute best. Trim off any concentrated/hard fat and remove glands and veins from the meaty side. Only trim off the corners from the fat cap.

Injecting & Seasoning

In this pulled pork sandwich recipe you’ll be injecting the meat before cooking. This helps the flavor penetrate the meat, while the phosphates will help retain moisture, resulting in a juicier end product. Grab a shaker, and in it mix ½ cup of Kosmo’s Pork Injection rub with 2 tbsp of Kosmo’s Moisture Magic. Then add 16 oz of distilled water, and shake until fully dissolved.

Once you have the injection liquid ready, place the pork butt in a roasting pan and make injections. I make them1 inch apart, at a 45º angle, but there are other techniques you can use. Pat the excess fluids away with a paper towel, and drain any liquid that has accumulated in the pan.

Let’s hit the outside with some flavor, too! Apply a base coat of Dirty Bird Hot, followed by a layer of Honey Chipotle. Let the meat sweat through the rub for a few minutes. Don’t worry about it being too hot - by the time you pull this pork butt, all that meat is going to be golden goodness.

By this time, the smoker should be up to temp - place the pork butt on there, close the lid, and let the magic happen.

Coleslaw Recipe

Buckle up, ladies & gents! This coleslaw recipe is GUARANTEED to change your pulled pork sandwich game forever.

Place the shredded cabbage in a bowl, and add the mustard, salt, pepper, sugar, and vinegar. Mix everything - it will take some effort at first, but keep going until the slaw is fully covered. Then place it in the fridge, until it's time comes.

Wrapping the Smoked Pork Butt

Let’s get back to the pork butt. At the 3 hour mark, you should have a gorgeous color on the pork - it’s time to pull it off the heat and wrap it. Here’s how I did it:

Lay down a large enough sheet of tin foil. On top of it spread 1 cup of maple brown sugar, followed by some Cherry Habanero Rib Candy and a layer of BBQ rub. Place the pork butt on top, and hit it with another rub-rib candy-brown sugar combo.

Now wrap the tin foil tightly around it, and move it back onto the smoker. It will need to cook about 1 hour more, or until the core temperature reaches 204ºF  (95.5ºC).

Assembling the Sandwich

After getting the smoked pork butt off the smoker, open up the foil to let the steam escape. When it stops steaming, close it back up and let it rest at room temperature for 30 minutes to 1 hour before pulling.

Now grab all of your ingredients. Place a handful of pulled pork on the bottom bun, and hit it with some Habanero BBQ sauce. Follow up with the coleslaw we made earlier, and to top it all off, add a dab of rib candy.

There you have it - probably the best pulled pork sandwich you’ll ever eat in your life!


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