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    Turkey Brine Kit

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    Ever want to know how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey better than you have ever had? Our Turkey Brine Recipe Kit will change everything you thought you knew about your Thanksgiving turkey. Add tons of moisture and flavor to your Turkey breast this year. With our turkey recipe kit, you will get extraordinary results this holiday with minimal effort. Our easy Turkey Brine kit mixes in seconds and will deliver a ton of compliments for you.

    When it comes to juicy turkey, Kosmos Turkey Brine is by far the best turkey brine kit that you can purchase. This is an instant brine that never has to be heated or cooked, simply mix it up and drop your turkey into the turkey brine bag and chill away. After your turkey has set in the turkey brine for the appropriate, time pull that sucker out and rub her down with our famous Dirty Bird turkey rub and get to cooking.

    Kit includes the following:
    1lb Bag of Turkey Brine
    1lb Bag of Dirty Bird
    1 Brine Bag

    Mixing Instructions

    How to Brine Your Turkey

    Mix 2.5 cups Kosmo's Turkey Brine to 2 gallons of water, blend well. Place turkey in brine bag, breast side down, and cover completely with brine mixture. Place in a large container and refrigerate 1 hour per pound of meat. Remove from brine, rinse, and air dry in refrigerator (covered with a paper towel) for 4-6 hours. Rub with a lite coat of olive oil, then Kosmo’s Dirty Bird rub and cook.


    How To Cook Your Turkey

    1. Preheat Smoker or Oven to 325°

    2. Apply a lite coat of olive oil to the skin and sprinkle on Kosmo's Q Dirty Bird Rub.

    3. Place on cooking rack, breast side up

    4. Approximate 2/3 of the way through cooking, cover breast and wings with a loose piece of tin foil.

    5. Finish cooking until breast meat reaches 165° and thigh meat reaches 180°.

    6. Rest for 15 minutes and serve.

    Allergen Information

    Turkey Brine contains soy. 

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