Kosmos Q Recipes for your Valentine's Day

Kosmos Q Recipes for your Valentine's Day

Our top 6 picks for Valentine's Day recipes. If you're spending Valentine's day at home this year, here's what you can cook on the grill/smoker.

When making plans for February the 14th, firing up the good ol' pit might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But, as those of us who love the sport already know, it's a great way to spend time with people on something everyone loves: good food.

This year, many of us won't be able to go on a date to a fancy restaurant - that shouldn't mean we can't cook up a classy dinner and spend time with our loved one(s) at home! Be your own Gordon Ramsay, and make mouths water and hearts throb with one of the ideas in this list, all cooked on either a grill or smoker. 

Whether this is for a romantic evening with your partner, a festive table with the whole family, or simply an excuse to spoil yourself - we've got you covered!

1. Oklahoma-Style Surf & Turf 

Starting off strong with this steak & shrimp cook. Combining the best of both land and sea, this is definitely a great idea for cooking in limited time. You didn't know you needed this - until now.

2. The Gordon Ramsay Steak

For those who want to impress, and those who just wanna spoil themselves, this is it. Following the instructions of the widely celebrated English chef (with a couple of twists), you can bring high-end cuisine to your home.

3. Grilled & Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Ribeye steaks are good and all - but going fancy requires having an equally flavorful appetizer or side dish. Well, look no further! Calling these potatoes "sweet" might be an understatement, they will introduce your tastebuds to a previously unknown world of flavor.

4Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts

Bacon. What more is there to say? These tasty (yet healthy) bites, glazed with one of the best BBQ sauces known to man, would be a hit under any circumstances. Tonight in particular they will shine, bringing out the best in whatever is served alongside them. 

5. Smoked & Glazed Rack of Lamb

Going off book for this one. We all know and love pork ribs, and even beef ribs. But lamb has always had a special place in family gatherings all over the globe - so we made our own version, on the smoker, with BBQ sauce. Yum!

6. This Ribeye Steak Changed My Life! 

And to end with a banger: the ribeye steak that will change your life too. How you ask? Well, let's just say it tastes exactly as good as it looks in the photos. The perfect balance between backyard and fancy, you will definitely want to try this at least twice.

We hope you got inspired by these grilled and smoked recipes for Valentine's day. If you try one (or more) of them, make sure to let us know! 

Submit your own recipe. Embrace greatness.

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