New York Chopped Cheese Sandwich

New York Chopped Cheese Sandwich

The Chopped Cheese sandwich (aka "the chop cheese") originated in New York, and has spread to every corner of the country. Here's the recipe with a southern twist, so you can make your own at the next family BBQ.

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You Will Need

The Prep

If you're from (or have been in) New York, you might have seen the Chop Cheese sold in one-stop stores all over Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, or Queens. It's a simple yet effective sandwich, grilled on a griddle, and served wrapped in sandwich paper.

So, let's get the prep work out of the way. While your griddle is heating up, spray with some Duck Fat cooking spray (or a drizzle of vegetable oil).

While that's coming up to temp, season the patties with Texas Beef and Garlic Jalapeno on both sides, and set aside. Half, peel, and slice the onion finely. Thinly slice tomato as well, and shred the iceberg lettuce (or get pre-shredded from the grocery store).

The Cook

Once the griddle is hot, throw on the patties. Sprinkle with an extra coat of Texas Beef before flipping for the perfect crust! Cook for 1 minute, flip, cook for another minute, then flip again.

Grab a chopper/spatula and start chopping meat horizontally into long strips. Use the spatula to hold patties in place while you chop. Then add onions to the meat, and keep chopping while you use the spatula to mix the meat and onions well.

Once mixed, form the onions and grilled beef into a pile that mirrors the shape of your hero rolls. Press down firmly with the spatula.

While the meat cooks, toast your hero rolls by using your favorite sandwich presser or on the griddle. To be as close to authentic as possible, try to make grill marks longways!

The Payoff

Toast the rolls to your desired level of toastiness. Now add three slices of American Cheese to each pile of the meat and onion mixture, and leave on griddle until the cheese is melted.

Once your rolls are toasted, remove from the press and slice lengthwise. Don’t cut all the way through the roll! 

Time to assemble your Chopped Cheese sandwich! The original recipe order is as follows: Mayo and ketchup on both sides, then shredded lettuce sliced tomatoes on one side. Use a spatula to place the meat, onions, and cheese mixture on the opposite side of the roll. Finally, fold the two sides together and press firmly. Slice sandwich in half, right down the middle. Wrap in sandwich paper and enjoy!


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