Brisket Burnt Ends 101

These brisket point burnt ends are STRAIGHT. BUTTER. No jokes, this recipe was super easy, but the result was phenomenal! This is how you make burnt ends without cooking a whole brisket - simply ask your butcher for just a brisket point. What you’ll need Beef Brisket Point Kosmo’s Q Dirty Bird Hot Rub Kosmo’s Q Texas Beef Rub Kosmo’s [...]

4 Hour Hot and Fast Brisket

A hot and fast brisket for those weekdays when you don’t have 10 hours go low & slow - well with this recipe you don’t need to! Fire up the Oklahoma Joe and follow along, for some KILLER brisket and burnt ends.

Everyone wishes that they could have award-winning competition BBQ at their backyard barbecue parties. With Kosmo’s BBQ, that's exactly what you'll have, every time.