Loaded Pastrami Fries

Whip up a batch of these tasty loaded pastrami fries to celebrate St. Patty's Daydelicious recipe that combines classic flavors with a modern twist, making it the perfect dish to enjoy with friends and family. 

The Perfect Smoked Brisket (On a Pellet Grill)

Now when it comes to smoking brisket on a pellet grill, we have a tip or two to share about getting some sleep while still laying down the jiggly brisket come dinner time!

$5 Breakfast | Brisket Tacos Recipe

Yesterday's leftover brisket is today's treasure, a.k.a. these amazing brisket tacos that will keep you going throughout the day! Here's how to pull it off.

6 Lbs Hot Cheeto Brisket Burrito!

Yesterday’s leftovers can be today’s meal - in this one we’re going all the way, and turning some leftover brisket into a ginormous hot cheeto burrito!

Hot and Fast Brisket Recipe

Who said youhaveto cook a brisket for 12 hours? Here's how to get similar results FAST, in less than half the time.

The PERFECT Competition Texas Brisket!

A REAL competition brisket recipe that has won actual prize money - now you can try it out at home, or use it to obliterate your next BBQ competition. Have fun winning!

Grilled Salad Recipe

Real Deal Santa Maria Tri-Tip Recipe

A Santa Maria tri-tip recipe so good, it will satisfy even the hardest critics. Buckle up and fire up the pit, this grilled tri-tip recipe is guaranteed to become your next favorite thing!

5 Minute Brisket Chili Recipe

Nothing like a good ol' brisket chili recipe to warm you up on a cold day - it might not actually take 5 minutes to cook, but it's still pretty darn quick! Grab your leftover brisket and your chili pot, and let's get cooking.

Homemade Pastrami Recipe

Slice thin, pile it on some good dark rye with mustard and Swiss cheese - this homemade pastrami is everything you want and more. 

The Official Kosmos Q Bloody Mary

A delicious version of the Bloody Mary with a nice kick of heat. Have fun with the garnishes and put whatever you want on it so let your creativity run wild.

Texas Style Angus Brisket - Salt & Pepper, Low & Slow

Have you ever stood in line to eat badass Texas style Angus brisket and wonder if it was possible to make at home? Well you in luck not only did we knock out some killer Salt & Pepper Brisket but we did it low and slow, the way it’s supposed to be cooked. What you’ll need Beef [...]

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