Turbo Charged Brisket!

Turbo Charged Brisket!

For when you don't have 8 hours to spare - this TURBO CHARGED brisket will be over before you can say "hot and fast". Follow the guide below for our favorite backyard brisket recipe.

You Will Need

The Prep

This is going to be a fast recipe, so we're going to be quick about setting everything up too. While the cooker is heating up, give the brisket a very light trim. Just remove any chunks of hard fat that won't render down, as well as loose flaps of meat that are bound to burn during the cook.

Now treat your brisket with a coat of SPG, followed by Texas Beef. This is what we use, as always you can substitute any ingredient if you like something else better.

Let the brisket sweat through the rub for 5-10 minutes.

The Cook

For a hot and fast brisket you want your cooker to be running in the range of 300-325ºF (149-163ºC). On a pit barrel, one way to maintain higher temperatures is to leave the rebar out, so air can vent in through the 4 holes on the sides.

Put the brisket on the pit, and let the heat work its magic. At this step you're looking to get a nice color on both sides of the brisket. Keep an eye on your meat, it can easily burn at these temperatures!

Once you get that rich, mahogany color on the brisket (around the 2 hour mark), bring the brisket inside. Wrap it in a double layer of aluminum foil, and pour in the Brisket Mop and beef consomme. Seal tightly without tearing the foil, and place back on the cooker.

The Payoff

For the remainder of this cook, you can literally sit back and do nothing. Set your thermometer to go off at 203ºF (95ºC). This should take about 2 more hours, bringing the total cooking time up to 4 hours - ours was done even faster!

Bring the brisket inside again, and drain the liquids before unwrapping (save that au jus in a bowl). Separate point from flat, and cut yourself some burnt ends. Toss the burnt ends in some OP X-1 sauce and place back on the cooker for 5 minutes.

And that's all there is to it! A quick recipe for when you don't have the time or patience to go low and slow. Hope you liked it!

Catch you on the next recipe.


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