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Jalapeño Butter Swim Biscuits Recipe

You gotta love butter swim biscuits - why not take it up a notch, with a spicy kick to the tried & proven recipe we all know and love.

Competition BBQ Chicken

Competition BBQ chicken is more than just being a good cook - what you want is to turn in something that will wow the judge.

Ultimate Sloppy Bison Sliders

These sloppy bison sliders can feed an army - with more protein, less fat, and all the flavor, there's a reason many call buffalo the best meat for burgers!

Cheeseburger Sliders Recipe

Why make one cheeseburger, when you can make a whole baking sheet of cheeseburger sliders instead? A great idea for get togethers or meal prep,

Breakfast Fatty Recipe!

A delicious roll of stuffed breakfast sausage, lovingly wrapped in bacon and hit with a dusting of spicy rub. 

Apple BBQ Kielbasa Bites

This crazy little appetizer is bound to become a favorite! Serve it up while the main cook is underway, to make the wait easier for everyone.

Smoked Queso Vs. Smoked Cream Cheese

Fire up the smoker, we're making a smoked queso and smoked cream cheese! Two of the simplest, most delicious recipes we know you'll love!

Smokey Beans Recipe

Baked beans go with most BBQ, so why not make baked beans on the smoker? If you're looking for the best smokey beans recipe, look no further - you're gonna love this.

Loaded Potato Coins!

Start game ngiht with a bang - these loaded potato coins are worth their weight in gold! 

Meatless Burgers?!

Now we’re not giving up on real burgers any time soon - but it would be unfair to not give the other side a try. That’s why we tried some plant based patties!

Slow Cooker Clam Chowder

Creamy, steamy clam chowder, straight off the cooker - that's how we do it. A traditional recipe with a spin...

BBQ Flatbread Pizza Recipe

Here's a pulled pork idea for ya - turn leftovers into bBQ flatbread pizza for the family to enjoy! 

Everyone wishes that they could have award-winning competition BBQ at their backyard barbecue parties. With Kosmo’s BBQ, that's exactly what you'll have, every time.