Bacon Wrapped Venison Backstrap

Bacon Wrapped Venison Backstrap

Venison backstrap is one, if not THE best cut of game meat - now if you wrap it in bacon, you get a true masterpiece. If you come across venison (whether it's in a store or you know a deer hunter), don't pass up the opportunity to cook some bacon wrapped backstrap!

A recipe by Mathew W. Ramagebac - looking forward to seeing what the community does with it!

You Will Need

The Prep

A venison backstrap is a great cut of meat - it comes, as the name suggests, from the back of the deer. While many confuse it with the tenderloin, which is located right underneath it, the backstrap is a tender muscle with great shape that's very easy to cook.

For this recipe, here's all you need to do as prep work: pat the venison backstrap down with paper towels to remove moisture. Then give the entire cut a liberal coating of SPG, followed by a second coat of Dirty Bird rub. Of course, feel free to experiment and/or substitute these with something you enjoy!

The Cook

Next, get your bacon out of its packaging. Wrap the bacon strips around the backstrip from end to end. You can optionally season the outside one final time with a lighter coat.

Time to cook this bad boy! Place the bacon wrapped venison on a smoker preheated to 225ºF (107ºC). Depending on the shape of your cooker, you might want to snake the backstrap around, or rotate it a few times throughout the cook, to ensure it cooks evenly. 

When core temperature hits 140ºF (60ºC), the backstrap is done. About 10 minutes before that, go ahead and top it with as much Cherry Apple Habanero as you like. Then place it back on the cooker so the glaze has time to set.

After internal temp shows it's done, pull it off the heat, and rest shortly before serving.

Once again, thanks to Mathew W. Ramagebac for sharing this recipe with us. Catch you on the next one!


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