Sweet Honey Pecan Ribs

Sweet Honey Pecan Ribs

Looking for a finger-licking good meal? You've come to the right place! This Sweet Honey Pecan Ribs recipe is easy to follow and bursting with flavor. 

Shout-out to Timothy Martin of @smell_that_smoke_bbq_mke for sharing this recipe with our community!

You Will Need

The Prep

Let's get started by preparing the pork ribs. First, trim off any excess fat or membrane from the ribs. Depending on where you source them, you might be able to ask your meat provider to do it for you.

Once done, generously season the ribs with Sweet Honey Pecan rub and let the flavors penetrate for about 30 minutes before smoking. This will allow the ribs to sweat through the ribs, creating a natural crust while cooking.

The Cook

Let's prepare the smoker. For this one we'll be using Pecan pellets for a truly nutty flavor. Let the cooker come up to 225-250°F (107-121°C) and smoke the ribs for 5 hours without wrapping. As long as the cooking temp remains within this range, you should have ribs that pass the toothpick test with flying colors.

Pro tip: Want to add even more sweetness to your ribs? Drizzle them with a bit of honey during the last 10-15 minutes of cooking for a truly irresistible glaze. Or, if you prefer a bit of heat, sprinkle some cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes on top of the rub before smoking for a spicy twist on this classic recipe. 

The Payoff

After patiently waiting for the ribs to cook, you can finally reap the rewards! Let the ribs rest for about 30 minutes before slicing. The meat should be tender, with a delicious sweet and nutty flavor that will have you going back for seconds.

If you try this recipe, don't forget to show Timothy Martin of @smell_that_smoke_bbq_mke some love!

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