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The 1500ºF Sear! | Blazing Bull Seared Steak

The 1500ºF Sear! | Blazing Bull Seared Steak

Not often can you cook a steak this quick, and taste steakhouse-grade delicious! Once a revolution in the restaurant industry, here's how to use an infrared cooker at home.

You Will Need

The Prep

Using the Blazing Bull to sear steaks is a breeze. Setting it up is as easy as inserting the grill grates and drip pan, and once turned on to high, it needs about five minutes to reach temp.

Five minutes is, incidentally, more than enough time to prepare your seaks. We went with 2 thick ribeye steaks - there's no better test for a new piece of gear. Hit them with your favorite spice combo. Purists will say "salt only" on the cook, and apply the rest after it comes off the cooker, but do what you enjoy more.

The Cook 

Once the Raging Bull is up to temp, throw your steaks on the grill shelf, and lift it to position no 5 (you might want to use a higher position to accomadate for a thinner steak).

After 60 seconds, lower the grill shelf and turn the steaks over. Raise the shelf back to the same position as before for 60 more seconds.

Once one minute has elapsed, lower the grill shelf to the 4th position and turn the heat down to low/medium. Turn your steaks periodically to cook them more evenly.

Using an instant-read thermometer pull the steaks once they reach 125°F (52ºC).

The Payoff

Rest the steak for at least 10 minutes after pulling it off the heat. If you seasoned with only salt, this is the moment to add your spices & herbs. 

Only one thing left to do: carve up these magnificent steaks, and enjoy some steakhouse-quality meat at the comfort of your home!

Catch you on the next recipe!


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