​Barbecued Chicken For A Crowd

​Barbecued Chicken For A Crowd

Posted by Kosmo on Jan 15th 2021


    • • 80 Chicken drumsticks
    • • 1 ½ cup Kosmo’s Q Dirty Bird Rub
    • • ½ gal Kosmo’s Q Competition BBQ Sauce


    Because you will have legs of various sizes, and zones on your grill that vary in heat, some of the pieces will cook faster than others. As you see some getting done, just stack them to the cooler side of the grill while you let the other pieces catch up. This also gives you more room to move them around

    To reuses the disposable aluminum steam pans for serving, rinse them and put them in a 325º oven for about 15 minutes while the chicken is cooking. This will kill any poultry nasties in the crevices

    Sauce the chicken by working in batches. Pour about two cups of sauce in a very large mixing bowl, then add about 15 legs and gently toss/fold to coat them in sauce

    Repeat the saucing with the remaining legs

    Optional: If you want to set(lightly caramelize) the sauce, return the chicken to the grill for a couple minutes per side

    If you need/want to grill the chicken ahead of time it will hold nicely for an hour or two in a 170-180º oven in the pans covered with foil

    You can even barbecue them the day before. Just make sure you cook them to at least 165º internal and cool them down as rapidly as possible(you have two hours to get them down to 70º, then four hours to get them to 40º or lower). Cover and refrigerate overnight


    Do not sauce the chicken the night before if you're going to keep them in the foil pans. The acid in the sauce will react with the aluminum. Instead, brush the chicken with warm sauce just before serving

    To reheat, put the covered pans in a 350º oven for about two hours, or until the internal temperature in the thickest part of the thighs is at least 165º

    How to make

    • 1 Lay one layer of drumsticks in each of two full-size disposable aluminum steam pans, alternating the thin and thick end of every other piece so that they fit together nicely
    • 2 Season the top side of the drumsticks liberally and evenly with the rub
    • 3 Flip all of the drumsticks over and repeat the seasoning
    • 4 Add another layer of chicken to each pan and repeat the seasoning on both sides
    • 5 Cover the pans with foil and refrigerate 3-4 hours
    • 6 Start your grill and prepare for direct cooking at medium heat(350º). Add your smoke wood of choice just before you start cooking
    • 7 Arrange the chicken on your grill in the same interlocking manner that you did in the pans
    • 8 Cook the drumsticks, turning them about every 10 minutes, until the internal temperature in the thickest part of the leg reaches 175º(about one hour)




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