Raspberry Ribs On The El Rey

Raspberry Ribs On The El Rey

Let's turn these baby back pork ribs into a raspberry feast! Follow this easy smoked ribs recipe for some seriously delicious results that will have everyone at the cookout talking!

You Will Need

The Prep

Start by preparing your smoker or grill. While it’s coming up to temp, go ahead and get the ribs ready. If necessary, remove the membrane and silverskin from the bone side. This will allow the rubs to penetrate the meat more effectively.

Next, generously coat all sides of the ribs with both Dirty Bird and Honey Killer Bee rubs. You're looking for that perfect blend of spices and sweetness, and these rubs will do the trick. Let the ribs sit for a few minutes to absorb the rubs while the smoker is preheating.

The Cook

Once the pit is good to go, place the ribs on the grate, bone side down, and close the lid. Let them smoke for about 60 minutes, or until they reach a deep mahogany color. This phase is when the ribs get most of that deep,smoky flavor we all love!

At this point, remove them from the smoker and wrap each slab separately in aluminum foil. Before sealing the foil, pour a thick layer of Raspberry Heat BBQ Glaze, a sprinkle of brown sugar, a drizzle of Parkay, and ⅛ cup of water into the foil. This will keep the ribs moist, and adds layers of flavor as they continue to cook. Return the wrapped ribs to the smoker and cook until the internal temperature reaches 202°F(94ºC) or they are toothpick tender.

The Payoff

One final sep to go! When the ribs are perfectly tender, remove them from the smoker and place them on a cutting board. Carefully unwrap the foil and cover the meat side with a generous layer of Raspberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce and Raspberry Heat BBQ Glaze.

Allow the ribs to rest at room temperature for about 10 minutes to let the flavors meld and the juices redistribute. Then slice the ribs between the bones, garnish with fresh raspberries (if you're feeling fancy), and serve. Enjoy the sweet, spicy, and smoky notes of these delicious raspberry ribs, a sure hit at any BBQ gathering.

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