Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

You've got friends or family coming over, and you need a quick snack to keep them busy while the main is cooking - these bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers will do it!

Zesty Lime Aioli Fish Tacos

It's hot outside, nothing better thatn zesty lime aioli fish tacos to feed the family and/or party folks. 

World's Hottest Crunchwrap Supreme!

Make your own crunchwrap supreme at home, and make it HOT! Included is the viral Tik-Tok folding technique to make those wraps look picture-perfect.

Maple Bourbon Glazed Sweet Pork Loin

Juicy on the inside, crusty on the outside - this sweet pork loin recipe is an inexpensive (yet delicious) main dish. 

Smoked Pig Shots Recipe

Smoked pig shots are famously delicious, yet infamous for how tricky they can be to prep. Get those perfectly shaped bites just right on your first try!

Oklahoma Onion Burger: Improved Recipe

We have the OG Oklahoma Onion Burger recipe, straight from the kitchen it was born in - and we're going to share it with you!

Kosmos Kickin' Chicken Wings

 Fire up your grill, and have these kickin' chicken wings ready to serve within 30 minutes, start to finish!

Gorgonzola Pistachio Chicken

You might think this gorgonzola pistachio chicken is one of those fancy restaurant dishes - yet it's so easy to prepare, and the results are guaranteed! 

Smoked Fried Chicken Mac and Cheese Recipe

We took two of everyone's favorite comfort foods, fried chicken tenders and mac and cheese, made a homemade roux, fired up the Traeger, and blew everyone away with this INSANE Smoked Fried Chicken Buffalo Mac and Cheese!

Simple Grilled Swordfish

A quick & healthy grilled fish skewer snack to make those summer days great! If you've never tried swordfish skewers on the grill, you've been missing out.

Maple Bourbon Bacon Pecan Mini Cheesecakes

A creamy, savoury, delicious dessert recipe to treat yourself and your loved ones with - this maple bourbon cheesecake is the perfect way to bring your weekend cookout to a close. 

Pulled Pork Smashed Potatoes

Turn that leftover pulled pork into a new way to have dinner on the table, a quick, filling, and delicious BBQ-flavored recipe so nothing goes to waste!

Everyone wishes that they could have award-winning competition BBQ at their backyard barbecue parties. With Kosmo’s BBQ, that's exactly what you'll have, every time.