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Cast Iron Steak And Eggs

This steak and eggs breakfast will keep you going for the whole day! Fire up your Weber Kettle and get ready for some serious cast iron action, let's do this! What you’ll need Ribeye steak Eggs Hashbrowns Kosmo's Q Cow Cover Hot BBQ Rub Kosmo's Q SPG BBQ Rub Cast iron skillet Vegetable oil (for frying the hashbrowns & eggs)Prepping the Weber Kettle First [...]

LIFE-CHANGING Ribeye Steak Recipe!

Back when I started grilling, I came across this ribeye steak recipe - this was before YouTube and online BBQ communities. This was the steak recipe that changed my life, and it will probably change yours too! What you’ll need 1 bone-in ribeye steak (thickest one you can get) 1 Package Fresh Rosemary 1 Package Fresh Thyme 1 Package of [...]

Deep Fried Ribeye Steak & Ribeye Burnt Ends

Ever heard of deep fried ribeye steak? This is so good it’s almost illegal in 45 states! Watch us take it one step further, creating ribeye steak burnt ends - quite possibly a world first! What you’ll need 2 Ribeye Steaks Deep Fryer Peanut oil Salt & Pepper Kosmo's Q Texas Beef Rub Kosmo's Q Cow Cover Hot Rub The Premise This recipe idea [...]

The Perfect Steak Sandwich For Men

This is no ordinary steak sandwich recipe. This is a rite of passage to manhood! This is how I make beef steak MAGIC - grab a cold one and come eat!

The Gordon Ramsay Steak

You don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to try this Gordon Ramsay steak recipe - just fire up your kettle in your own backyard! So grab that cast iron, a thick ass hunk of meat, and some salad greens, and let's do this.

What’s the BEST WAY to Tenderize steak? | Salt Brine vs. Fork

BBQ veterans have been debating this for ages: what is the BEST way to tenderize steak? Is it a salt brine, or is it with a good ol’ fork? Well let’s find out - we tried both methods to tenderize meat on identical strip steaks, and judged by the result. What you’ll need 2 KC Strip Steaks Sea [...]

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