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The Ribeye Philly Cheesesteak Challenge!

Searing Steak on a Traeger!

Can you really sear a steak on a Traeger? Everywhere we looked, they said no way. But with a little coaxing, we made it work! This was a fun experiment, and we learned a thing or two along the way. Here's how it's done!

The Hanger Steak

Regular vs. Reverse Seared Steak

Wagyu Picanha Steaks

In this one we're trying Wagyu Picanha steaks - that's right, this is gonna be a banger. You might know this cut as "rump cap" or "sirloin cap" - a somewhat unusual cut, but cooked right, this Brazilian delicacy might become your next favorite thing.

Steak and Shrimp - Oklahoma Surf & Turf!

Kosmos Q Recipes for your Valentine's Day

Tenderizing Ribeye Steak | Salt Brine Vs Soy Sauce

Due to popular demand, we’re investigating the best method for tenderizing steak - is it salt brining? Or is it marinating in soy sauce? Well we did the testing so you don’t have to, and grilled two amazing ribeye steaks in the process. What you’ll need 2 Prime Rib Steaks Sea Salt Soy Sauce A fork Kosmo’s Q Cow Cover [...]

We Deep Fried Wagyu Steak!

Not many have deep fried Wagyu steak and lived to tell the tale… Well now we can! You asked for it, we did it, we took this gorgeous $200 cut of beef and turned it into a party for your mouth (and eyes!) What you’ll need Wagyu Steak Deep fryer Canola or Peanut oil Flour Kosmo’s Q SPG Rub Eggs Milk Toppings (we used [...]

Philly Cheesesteak Fries Recipe

This cheesesteak fries recipe is gonna blow your tastebuds into orbit with how good it is… Sliced ribeye, sliced jalapeño and of course cheese - this is how we do it! Flame on, ladies and gents, this is going to be a wild one. What you’ll need 5 inch Ribeye Roast Flat top grill/griddle or cast iron skillet 1 [...]

Learn To Inject Like A Pro

Looking for maximum flavor in your meat? There's no better to inject flavor and moisture than with Kosmos Q Meat Injections. With thousands of barbeque awards won all over the world, our injection recipes will deliver the most moisture and flavor you can buy. Choose from of famous brisket injection, pork injection, chicken injection, and [...]

How To Grill Tri-Tip Gordon Ramsay Style

 Sure you know how to grill tri tip, but can you do it like Gordon Ramsay? In this recipe an award-winning pitmaster uses an award-winning chef’s tips on how to cook the ultimate beef tri tip on a Weber grill. What you’ll need Tri-Tip Roasting Pan Kosmos Q Texas Beef Rub 1 ¾ sticks of Kerrygold butter Thyme, garlic & [...]

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